Available Babies



Our adults come with the full package and a great deal!

Adult adoption includes:

  • Tanglefoot Hedgehog Cage (check the supplies page)
  • Warm and Cozy Tunnel (check the supplies page)
  • One Month Supply of Food
  • Cage Enrichment Items
  • Food Bowl and Water Bottle
  • Hedgehog (of course!)


No deposit needed to reserve. Hedgehogs will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact us to reserve your hedgehog today!


Sex: Female
Color: Albino

She is very sweet and active. Loves to explore and climb. A great choice for any home.

Status: Available


Sex: Female
Color: Reverse Pinto

A really beautiful hedgehog (pictures don't do her justice)! She is quick and strong-willed, so she is best suited for older children and adults.

Status: Available


Sex: Male
Color: Cinnamon

A rescued hedgehog with an eye injury. He has no vision on his left side. He is recommended for an experienced hedgehog owner or someone with a nurturing spirit.
($50 discount for Rufus)

Status: Available


Sex: Male
Color: Cinnamon Snowflake

He is very active and vocal. This is the only hedgehog we have ever had that purrs! A great choice for active boys, but he would do well with anyone.

Status: Adopted